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LED Dimmable Driver at Euchips

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Compared with traditional power supply, LED dimmable driver can make our LED lighting more beautiful and colorful. Why not use it to adjust your lighting? 
There are several different kinds of LED dimmable driver products at Euchips. The products are classified as DMX series, DALI series, 0-10v series, Triac series, etc. The company does not only offer various LED products at home and abroad, but also provide you excellent before-sale and after-sale service. Euchips’ products have been widely used in hotels, offices, markets, homes, etc., and also suitable for indoor LED lighting or outdoor LED lighting, such as LED strips, LED spotlights, down lights, panel lights, and so on. By going through the selection you will find the right LED dimmable driver for your lighting. Next, let’s introduce several dimming technologies to help you to understand well.
The first is that it adopts direct current dimming technology. If you want to change LED brightness, it will be very easy to change the current for LED dimmable driver. Because LED brightness is nearly proportional to its current.
The second is that if you adjust the forward current of power supply, the chromatography will shift. There is a problem that when we adjust the forward current to change the brightness, the chromatography and color temperature will be changed, too. You will not gain the accurate dimming effect. Because the forward current is not direct proportionally output.
The third is that adjusting the current, the constant current LED dimmable driver can not work well. As we all know, LED usually uses constant current LED driver which is divided into step-up and step-down. Which one is chosen determined by the voltage and LED load voltage.
Euchips always pursuits “Quality First, Service Upmost”. In addition, Euchips offers customers a unique lighting dimming solutions of LED dimmable driver win lots of reputation at home and abroad.

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