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Does LED Dimmable Driver Have a Chance to Upgrade Street Lighting in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong will soon replace its street lights with more-efficient LED units, government officials confirmed.

The competent authority, Hong Kong Highways Department, on Wednesday said due to mature LED technology and the significant drop in prices of LED light, the department agrees now is the right time to commence LED street lights replacement scheme. It added that replacement work has already started in the current financial year. Here, I have a question. Does LED dimmable driver have a chance to upgrade street lighting in Hong Kong?

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It is well known that the main function of street lighting is to provide suitable illumination on the roads for the safety and security. Street lights incorporating aesthetically pleasing design are also erected in particular places to complement with the surrounding environment. If street lights work with LED dimmable driver according to the brightness of night, I think, it will be safer, better and more comfortable for citizens who would like to enjoy the beauty of night and have a walk to relax, especially for young people.

Based on the life expectancy of existing street lights, the department will successively replace medium-wattage and low-wattage high-pressure sodium lights with LEDs alongside roads, footpaths and cycle lanes. However, high-wattage sodium lights are excluded from this scheme because they still have advantages in terms of technology, quality, luminous efficiency and cost compared with their LED counterparts, the department said. Therefore, it is estimated that LED lights will also be installed on 4,500 gantry signs and roadside floodlights in the coming five years.

Since 2009, the Hong Kong government has launched trails of LED street. The results showed that LED performed better than sodium lamps in terms of energy efficiency, color rendering and reliability. As we all know, LED dimmable driver, as an important part of intelligent lighting, can save more energy. The fact also showed that LED lights with LED dimmable driver produce a more uniform and comfortable light, and use 60% less energy than floodlights.

At last, it is believed that LED dimmable driver has an incredible development potential in the near future, and we sincerely hope that LED dimmable driver has a chance to join in the campaign of street lighting upgrading in Hong Kong.

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