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How can Steer LED Dimmable Driver Manufacturers Out of Trouble

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2016 is almost over. China government pays close attention to international trading. The market just likes an executioner. Faced with the fierce competition, LED dimmable driver manufacturers have arrived at a crossroad with low competitiveness, high cost, and poor technology. How can steer LED dimmable driver manufacturers out of trouble?


Making a general survey of global economy, the total export of lighting equipment is about 17.65 billion dollars in 2016, which stays essentially flat. North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast East, Africa become the main market of LED dimmable drivers. It is estimated that market is stable and the growth rate of market is about 20%.

As we all know, the growing popularity of LED light sources is rooted in energy savings, long life and new fixture options that enable them to be used in almost any application. For example, a 25W LED lamp can replace the light output of a 100W incandescent lamp, and deliver a useful lifetime averaging 50,000 hours and offer very good rendering. These advantages ensure a strong future for LEDs, but there are challenges associated with using LEDs to meet customer expectations. Compatibility between LED lamps, LED dimmable drivers, and LED controllers can be confusing, and if they are specified improperly, performance will suffer. The best strategy for selecting a LED product is a holistic way that takes into consideration a variety of factors including the application type, required dimming performance, and control preferences. So LED dimmable driver manufacturers should take into full consideration of LED products.

Issues with compatibility are probably the greatest source of frustration among manufacturers and their customers. Mock-up installations and expensive, time-consuming testing may be necessary before customers are confident that the proposed solution is the best solution. To smooth the pathway of a project, look for lighting control manufacturers who have already done the appropriate testing and research and can provide services to ensure successful LED lamp, driver, and control installation. LED dimmable driver manufacturers should strongly inspect all processes.

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