LED Dimmable Drivers Manufacturers Get Lost, How can Help them?

Nowadays currency fluctuations, international economic demands, energy crisis and environmental deterioration make Chinese economy “new normal” of structural adjustments and product update. Chinese LED illumination industry has effected by the decline of global economy and macroeconomic, especially LED dimmable driver industry. Let’ s analyze the market trend and competitive structure to help the manufacturers find the right way.
With the shift of global illumination industry strategy, Chinese illumination industry has developed quickly. In recent years, LED dimmable driver becomes one of the main parts. As the urbanization processed and people’s life quality improved, Chinese illumination market has been continuously expanded. LED products are widely used in landscape lighting, street lighting, commercial lighting, and even been rapidly used at homes.
In recent ten years, Chinese LED illumination industry shows the development trend of the blowout, and the growth rate keeps above 30% increasing. Because of the wide market outlook, low market access threshold, excellent market environment and big government subsidies, more and more LED dimmable driver manufacturers have sprung up around the China. Except traditional illumination manufacturers, international illumination manufacturers and LED manufacturers enter LED illumination field. So the market competition becomes fiercer and fiercer.
Faced with the intense competition, the manufacturers try to expand the scale of products. In order to capture the market, LED dimmable driver manufacturers have to lower the sale price. In addition, LED manufacturers depend on the government subsidies to release the capacity. The situation of product surplus is prominent and lack of effective demand is occurred, which results in the intense price competition.
From the global market environment, LED industry will enter adjustment stage. The manufacturers will turn price competition to creating new value. The comprehensive manufacturers who owns technology, brand, quality, service, will stand out from the crowed. Innovation is a pretty consistent theme for companies’ substantial progress. LED dimmable driver will gain new breakthrough and process in new application fields.

Post time: Jun-18-2019
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