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Why does Car Manufacture recall cars for Lighting Control Module

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Lighting control module is an important part in a car. However, the 2003-2005 lighting control module has some shortcoming in cars. This car manufacture was mainly recalled the cars in North America for safety concerns. In fact, a lighting control system in car also needs the help of DMX decoder. And this recall even tried to replace the lighting control module in these cars. As for the joints on the lighting control module may interrupt power to the headlamps and increase the risk of driving at night. Thus the recall of cars is very necessary and important. By the way, it is still vital to tell people the history and construction of car lighting control system.

In fact, the development of car lighting control system is slow. Cars merely applied carbide brass lanterns and incandescent lamps in early days. In the early 1920s, the dual filament was invented which is a great achievement in the development of car lighting control system. This kind of car lamps was equipped with a low beam and a high beam in the car lighting control system. At that time DMX decoder is not installed in the car lighting system. Generally, car lighting control system has three functions during driving. First at all, this lighting control system provides bright for drivers to drive safely at night. Next, car lighting control system improves the visibility of a driver. Besides, these car lamps can produce warning signals.

Moreover, the construction of car lighting control system is consisted by headlights, tail lights, lighting controller and lighting control module and other lighting devices, like DMX decoder. It is common that headlights are installed to the front side of a car. Its main function is to provide light on the road ahead of people. Tail lights are usually covered by a red body and installed at the end of a car. Lighting control module plays an important role in the automobile lighting control system. This lighting device adjusts the current of lighting circuit, improves the work efficient of the circuit and achieves the goal of optimizing power supply lighting control system in cars.
From this article, we can learn that lighting control module is very important in the car lighting control system. Therefore, this car manufacture decided to recall cars with low quality lighting control module. In addition, if you have interest in car lighting control and DMX decoder, you can get more last information about these lighting parts at shanghai Euchips. Our company is confident to provide you the high quality lighting products, such as DMX decoder and LED driver. Some of these lighting products are not applied in car lighting control system, but also used in our home lighting control system.

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