Review Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has closed an end on 12 June, which showcased the latest wave of innovative lighting-related products and also companies stage the newest applications for retail, residential, industrial, office, hospitality, transport and urban purposes. It was easily Asia’s most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event and a professional industry platform for cultivating new business opportunities from both within and outside the traditional industry realms.

Let’s review the exciting moment of Euchips’ booth.

Euchips - GILE 1

Euchips - GILE 2

Euchips - GILE 3

Euchips - GILE 4

Euchips - GILE 5

Euchips - GILE 6

Euchips - GILE 7

Euchips - GILE 8

Euchips - GILE 9

Euchips - GILE 10

Euchips - GILE 11

Euchips - GILE 12

Post time: Jun-14-2019
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