Searching for Euchips, Highlights IBM Client Center, Beijing

IBM, the largest information technology and consulting service company, began in 1911 as the computing-tabulating-recording company and was renamed “International Business Machines” in 1924. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Today, searching for Euchips, highlights IBM Client Center.
IBM Client Center 1

IBM Client Center 2

IBM adopted Euchips’ constant voltage DMX decoders PX24504 and DMX controllers DMX-X03. Enjoy the charming lighting below.

IBM Client Center 3

IBM Client Center 4

IBM Client Center 5

IBM Client Center 6

IBM Client Center 7

IBM Client Center designed with fashionable and concise decoration style, matching with Euchips’ lighting solution to realize visually rich experience by changing lighting with different scene applications.

DMX dimming system usually uses for full-color LED lights control. Our users can program different dimming effects by software.

IBM Client Center 8

IBM Client Center 9

IBM Client Center 10

DMX master controller DMX-X03

DMX master controller DMX-X03

DMX-X03 is a full-color LED DMX control system which focuses on indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, which can be used stand alone or with computer. It comprises scene-edit software. You can edit various lighting effects by downloading the programme which editaccording to your special requirement from your PC.This control system can fulfill 256 grey levels for each R,G,B color,totally 16.77 million real full-color. The software has been developed specially for architectural lighting and features easy to use effects which can be dropped onto timelines, along with multi-zone and synchronization allowing you to program a project with multiple rooms and areas with ease.


1. Meets DMX512/1990

2. 1024 DMX Channels.Control 340 RGB Fixtures

3. Real time clock and calendar for time triggers

4. USB connectivity for programming and control

5. Various Output Interface, XLR-3 / RJ45

6. 128M Micro SD card for stand alone use, support 8G MAX

7. 4 Dry Contact Trigger (on RJ45)

8. Touch screen operation

DMX constant voltage decoder PX24504

DMX constant voltage decoder PX24504

PWM constant voltage output, working with DMX control system and mainly used to control kinds of single color or RGB LED strips and constant voltage light sources.

1. Designed to comply with DMX512/1990

2. DMX address can be set manually via dip-switch

3. Constant voltage output and the maximum current of 5A /ch

4. European terminals for input/output ports & Plug-in Terminals for DMX signal ports

5. 256 grade brightness adjustment

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