Searching for Euchips, Highlights Kunshan Commercial Street

Recently, Kunshan Commercial Street opened. Let’s enjoy the charming lighting with Euchips’ EU-BUS system.


Kunshan commercial street was located at Duke Avenue, Zhigu town, Suzhou province; totally 3,000 square meters. The commercial street integrated the lighting designs with life, health, commerce,etc., which was a good representation of landscape lighting with Euchips EU-BUS system.



The lakeside scenery and the ingenious streetscape layout, the elements of the East are integrated into the Western architecture in a new style, the ancient and modern, beautiful and low-key here collide with new life aesthetics and inspiration. The nightscape of Dayuwan depicts beautiful and moving scenery that not only shows the charm of the city, but also promotes the prosperity of the night economy.





Post time: Dec-28-2018
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