Searching for Euchips, Highlights the MUJI Store of the World’s First MUJI Hotel

When the young talk about the topic of Buddha-like, the world’s first MUJI hotel which is the funder of Buddha-like opened in Shenzhen recently. I am not the MUJI follower, but I really enjoy the beauty of MUJI from Euchips’ dimming solutions. Let’s enjoy together.


Shenzhen MUJI is the third ultimate store in the world. MUJI Store adopted Euchips’ DALI master controllers and LED dimmable drivers to realize different intelligent dimming and lighting scenes switching.

Shenzhen MUJI 1


Found MUJI is a concept brand from the design-savvy retailer, representing a collection of simple but elegant products and designs discovered by MUJI trend-hunters in various parts of the world. MUJI then teams up with the craftsmen or small manufacturers to streamline production and standardize quality control, and presents the final products in MUJI stores. In its commercial lighting, MUJI adopted Euchips’ DALI master controllers, DALI constant current LED drivers and LED spotlights with high brightness to significantly make the merchandise outstanding. Euchips’ DALI system can meet different requirements on lighting brightness. Euchips has been working on the intelligent dimming for 13 years. Euchips can provide intelligent lighting solutions for you according to your lighting requirements.

Shenzhen MUJI 2

Shenzhen MUJI 3

Shenzhen MUJI 4

Shenzhen MUJI 5Shenzhen MUJI 6


MUJI Diner is a full-service restaurant serving a globe-trotting à la carte menu and a decent variety of alcoholic beverages to boot. MUJI DINER adopted Euchips’ intelligent dimming solutions which combine restaurant environment and lighting space to realize a warm, relaxed and comfortable lighting.

Shenzhen MUJI 7

Euchips DALI:
1.1~100% dimming
2.Single lighting control
3.Linear control of brightness, color-temperature, color
4.Different scenes control
5.Intercommunication, energy consumption monitoring

Post time: Jan-16-2019
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