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The Development of LED Dimmable Driver in Intelligent Lighting Market

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Nowadays, the topic of Intelligent Lighting is very hot, especially in LED industry. Many LED dimmable driver manufacturers seek new development opportunities. Of course, the intelligent lighting becomes the biggest development direction.

When some people talk about the development of intelligent lighting, they just only think that the lighting can be controlled by APP. But they ignore that they need take out the cell phone and connect the internet to control the lamps, which is the customers’ understanding of intelligent lighting, is it?

intelligent lighting

According to the Wikipedia, intelligent lighting refers to the lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. The most advanced intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects. Here, I can’t agree with it more. Nowadays some products need take out the cell phone and then turn off the lamps by APP, which is not intelligent, and the users’ experience is not very good. The real intelligent lighting is that when I come into the house, the lamps light up automatically. What an amazing thing is! LED dimmable driver can realize it.

The future development of intelligent lighting is the lighting controlled automatically. LED dimmable driver complies with this demand. Many LED dimmable driver manufacturers proudly say that we don’t need APP control, and the intelligent lights can recognize the environment automatically.