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The Good Time of LED Dimmable Driver is Coming

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For the whole industry, LED dimmable driver manufacturers went through economic rebounds, policy shuffles, business model changes, products innovations and unprecedented turbulent.

On 31, November, 2016, CCTV launched Chairman Xi’ s speech of congratulation on Sina blog. Net friends commented that “this is the best conclusion from China leaders”, ”It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get the job done”, and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

With the rapid development of people’s life and the high development of lamps market, the rural urbanization construction speeds up. As the upgrading of consumer goods, the shuffle of environmental protection, the rising price and the competitive products, the industry threshold gradually increases, which brings lots of challenges. The brand time is coming and the good time for LED dimmable driver manufacturers is on the way.

From the total market sales, quality standards brand occupies 70%. The middle and the top brands will be the market leading in future.

In a word, the LED dimmable driver is a boom industry. But equally important is that the manufacturers should follow the development tendency. Facing the drastic competition, the enterprises are forced to quickly response with the innovative products or else will be pushed out.

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