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Euchips, Triac LED dimmable Driver Manufacturer

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Triac LED dimmable driver is always an important dimming series for Euchips, and its technology, performance, and quality have been recognized by customers all around the world. Many LED dimming drivers of other brands are found after testing and using that the quality is so poor and the dimming effect is not satisfied, even some famous brands’ products. Why can Euchips do it well?

Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working on the research and development of LED dimming control system and LED dimmable driver for 11 years. Compared with several common manufacturers who are transformed from power supply manufacturers, Euchips has potential advantages, which is the reason why Euchips’ self-developed chips and special technologies make the dimming effect perfect. However, many common manufacturers just purchase existing chips with poor quality in the market. Profound research and development and rich production experience make Euchips’ LED drivers strong dimming performance and excellent quality.

Euchips’ high voltage input and low voltage output of LED dimmable driver realize 0~100% smooth dimming effect, flicker-free and strong compatibility. “Accurate Lights Control” is always Euchips’ slogan. Nowadays, people have high requirements on the dimming effects. The different environment needs what brightness shows different atmosphere, which is a challenge for manufacturers.

triac series

Except for Triac LED dimmable driver, Euchips’ DALI, 0-10V, DMX, KNX, Wireless series products also export to overseas countries and regions, and won the trust of all customers.

Euchips' products:

dali driver
constant current led driver
led dimmable driver
triac driver
1-10v driver
35W 600/700/800/900mA DALI constant current led driver EULP35D-1WMC-0
12W 180/240/300mA DALI & 0-10V CC LED Driver EUP12AD-1WMC-0
300w 12v output voltage 12.5A*1channel constant voltage dimmable diver EUP300A-1H24V-0WP
15W 350/500/700mA*1ch TRIAC Multi-Current Dimming Driver EUP15T-1HMC-0
60W 1050/1200/1400mA*1ch 0-10V/1-10V CC Dimmable Driver EUP60A-1HMC-1