Why Choose Euchips’ Phase-cut Drivers?

Phase-cut driver is always a classical dimming series for Euchips, and its technology, performance and quality have been recognized by customers all around the world. Many LED drivers of other brands are found after testing and using that the quality is so poor and the dimming effect is not satisfied, even some famous brands’ products. Why Euchips can do it well?

phase-cut 1
First, let’s analyze the original reason. The phase-cut drivers have one more important advantage, that is no extra wiring for retrofit. It is very easy for traditional halogen lights and Incandescent lights replacing LEDs.

phase-cut 2

However, the phase-cut drivers also have the disadvantages, one is the compatibility issue, the other one is Inrush current. For example, presumably, there has a 600W dimmer. Is it can coincident with 60pc LED lights 10W? In fact, NO! The start-up inrush and repetitive current increase stress on control, less than 60pcs.

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So they are great challenges for manufacturers, Euchips as well. So How can Euchips solve these problems? Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working on the research and development of LED dimming control system and LED drivers for 14 years. Compared with several common manufacturers who are transformed from power supply manufacturers, Euchips has potential advantages, which is the reason why Euchips’ self-developed chips and special technologies make the dimming effect perfect. Notably, Euchips adopt the secondary-level structure with MCU built-in which can change the dimming curves to realize 1~100% dimming effect. However, many common manufacturers just purchase existing IC chips in the market with first-level structure which cannot change the dimming curve.

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On the other hand, How to reduce the inrush current for Euchips? Low power LED driver with no electrolysis makes the inrush current smaller; High power LED driver with NTC built-in makes the inrush current smaller. Profound research and development and rich production experience make Euchips’ LED drivers strong dimming performance and excellent quality.

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At last, let’s view the applications of Euchips’ phase-cut projects.

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Post time: May-10-2019
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