You Need One of These Universal Remotes Control Your Lighting

Now there’s no need to get up from your comfy chair or bed to turn that lamp off. These remote controls let you turn lamps on and off with the press of a button. So you need one of these Universal remotes control your lighting.

remote control 1

Question: What functions of these remote controls except for turning the lights on or off?

Euchips: These remote controls are paired with a receiver to realize dimming, grouping, adjusting RGB/RGB, which are very easier for you to control your lights what you like.

remote control 2

Question: What’s the difference between your remote controls and others’?

Euchips: Our self-developed remote controls adopt scrub treatment with a full body. One hand control makes easier to hold and control.

remote control 3

Question: I want to realize lights-mixing effects with different levels, can they realize it?

Euchips, Yes, when we control RGBW LED lights, W-channel can be opened or closed separately; if closed, you can adjust the brightness.

remote control 4

Question: If two rooms install receivers with one remote control, what will happen?

Euchips: Our remote controls adopt 2.4G signal, manual independence and complementary interference.

remote control 5

Question: Can the remote controls need frequent battery replacement?

Euchips: No, our remote controls use lower-power processor, CR2032 batteries, more energy saving.

remote control 6

Post time: Apr-16-2019
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