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220-240VAC Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Driver EULC18C-PRF


EULC18C-PRF Integrates MW motion sensor, dimmable led driver and wireless transceiver technology, to control a group of lamps wirelessly without extra drivers.
MW sensor comply with 5.8GHz ISM band, motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. Detection area, hold time, dimming level, stand-by period and daylight threshold are adjustable by dip switches.
Night-light sensor function will be triggered when dimming level reach to 10%,when ambient brightness is over preset close lux level, sensor will switch off lamp, if less than preset open lux level ,lamp will be switched on automatically.
Output current 300mA/350mA/450mA/600mA/700mA selectable by dip switches.
EULC18C-PRF apply advanced 868MHz Radio Frequency, integrate code check technology, more stable and reliable with full digital receiving and transmitting messages, up to 16 groups can be created by fixed code technology, make sure no missing of signal during receiving and transmitting.


1. Integrated LED driver, microwave motion sensor, daylight sensor and RF module, applicable to wirelessnet working of luminaries.

2. RF wireless networking, up to 16 different groups.

3. Night/light function, atomically switch on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

4. Multi-output current from 300mA to 700mA.

Technical Parameter


Product Name 220-240VAC Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Driver
Operating Voltage 220~240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output constant current 300mA(16-61.2V),350mA(16-54.4V),450mA(16-40.8V),600mA(16-27.2V),700mA(16-27.2V) set by 3 dip switches
Output voltage 85VDC Max.
Efficiency ≡83%
Power factor ≡0.9
HF system 5.8GHz㊣75MHz, ISM wave band
Transmitting power <0.5mW
Detection zone Max.(D x H): 12m*8m
Detection sensitivity 10% / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Hold time 5s/30s/90s/3min/20min/30min
Stand-by period 0s / 30s / 10min / +﹢
Daylight threshold 2lux/10lux/35lux/50lux/100lux/Disable
Stand-by dimming level 10% / 20% / 30% / 50%
Mounting height 3-4m(typical) 8m Max.
Motion detection 0.5~3m/s
Detection angle 150~(wall installation); 360~ (ceiling installation)
Operating temperature -35⊥~70⊥
IP Rating IP20

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