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2018 Good Quality Dmx512 Dimming Driver - 150W Constant Current Waterproof LED Driver – Euchips Detail:

EUCP150XY-1WxxxxC-0MWWZ series are constant current mode output LED driver. The series of products are suitable for outdoor because of IP67 and great surge immunity. The user can select corresponding model according to the dimming method and market requirements, and can modify the output current via NFC programmer.

Product Features

1. Supply voltage: 100-277VAC or 141-391VDC

2. Great surge immunity 10kV

3. 100,000Hour life @ Tc=75C

4. 7 year warranty @ Tc<=80C

5. AirsetTM NFC programmability

6. +/-2% output current accuracy (Programmable model)

7. 0-10V/PWM/DALI dimmable (Model depending)

8. Dim off with 0.5W standby (Model depending)

9. 12V 300mA auxiliary power to power controllers and fans (Model depending)

10.Input over voltage protection (optional)

11.UL Class P, Class 2,ENEC/CB/CCC,SELV output

12.Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3,61347-2-13, 62384

13.Application: strip lights, landscape lights, bay lights, street lights, flood lights

Model List


Model number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Full Power Settable Current Min. Full Power Settable Current Max. Certificates
EUCP150XY-1W1050C-0MWWZ 100-277VAC 150W 86-214VDC 700mA 1050mA UL/FCC /CCC/CB/ENEC
EUCP150XY-1W1400C-0MWWZ 100-277VAC 150W 64-143VDC 1050mA 1400mA UL/FCC /CCC/CB/ENEC
EUCP150XY-1W2100C-0MWWZ 100-277VAC 150W 43-107VDC 1400mA 2100mA UL/FCC /CCC/CB/ENEC
EUCP150XY-1W3800C-0MWWZ 100-277VAC 150W 24-58VDC 2600mA 3800mA UL/FCC /CCC/CB/ENEC
EUCP150XY-1W6300C-0MWWZ 100-277VAC 150W 14-38VDC 4000mA 6300mA UL/FCC /CCC/CB/ENEC


XY= Dimming Method Programmable 12Vaux Dim-off
NN - - - -
AN 0-10V - - -
FR Time - -
AR 0-10V/PWM/Time -
ER 0-10V/PWM/Time


U UL cable with ground wire
S VDE cable/Class I


Technical Parameter


Model EUCP150XY-1WxxxxC-0MWWZ




Channels 1
Current accuracy ±5%Io
Ripple current Ip-p:5%Io max
Output overshoot 10% Io max & LED Load







Voltage 100VAC – 277VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current 1.4Amax@120VAC & Full-Load,

0.7Amax@220VAC & Full-Load

Inrush current 65A peak, 1.2ms duration, <0.25A2s@230VAC, Cold Start
70A peak, 1.3ms duration, <0. 5A2s@277VAC, Cold Start
PF >0.9@60-100%load, refer to PF vs. Load curve
THD <15%@60-100%load, refer to THD vs. Load curve
Leakage current 1mA max @277VAC 60Hz, UL8750,

0.75mAmax @220VAC 50Hz, IEC61347-1






Input under voltage Shut down and auto-restart
Input over voltage *Optional: Shutdown @320VAC
Output over voltage 120% Vomax, typ.
Short circuit Auto recovery. The output recovers when short is removed.
Over temperature Lower the output current when Tc≧105±10℃; Auto Recovery When Tc≦70±10℃












Setup time 1.2s max.
Surge protection Line to line 4kV, line to ground 10kV, IEC 61000-4-5
Auxiliary power (Vaux) 12V+/-5%, 300mA max
Operating temperature -40℃~+90℃;10%RH~100%RH
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃; 5%RH~100%RH
MTBF ≥320,000 hours, 75℃ case temperature (MIL-HDBK-217F)
Lifetime ≥100,000 hours, 75℃ case temperature, refer to life vs. Tc curve
Case temperature 90℃ max, marked in the Tc point of label
Dimensions 6.34×2.66×1.32 by inch (body), 7.40×2.66×1.32 by inch (endcaps included)
161.0×67.5×33.5 by mm (body), 188.0×67.5×33.5 by mm (endcaps included)
Net weight 800g
Packing 20pcs/Carton/17kg, 500x320x315mm



Notes: Unless specified, all the test results are measured @220VAC,in 25℃ room temperature.

* marked items are optional and contact with sales people to get the functions.

** UL certified input voltage range: 120-277VAC; ENEC certified input voltage range: 220-277VAC; CCC certified input voltage range: 100-240VAC

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2018 Good Quality Dmx512 Dimming Driver - 150W Constant Current Waterproof LED Driver – Euchips detail pictures

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