11 FAQ of Dimming (Recommended to Save)



Q: What is the maximum transmission distance of DALI?

A: The maximum transmission distance of DALI is 300m.


Q: What is the current consumed by DALI signal?

A: The current consumption of each signal of our DALI product is generally about 2mA.


Q: The brightness of the driver in the DALI system is preset to 50%. Is the brightness of the driver output still 50% in another DALI system?

A: Our DALI power supply has a memory function in TouchDim mode. In the DALI system, the power supply will enter the power on level mode as soon as it is powered on, that is, the brightness depends on the value set by the power on level in the software.


Q: What is the output signal current of DALI-100? How many drivers can be connected?

A: The signal output current of DALI-100 is about 20mA. It is generally recommended to connect up to 5 to 6 drivers. If you connect many drives, you must add a bus power DALI-130.



Q: What is the longest transmission distance of DMX? What is the longest distance between the main control and the first decoder? What is the longest distance between the decoder and the decoder?

A: The ideal transmission distance of DMX is 200 meters, but in fact, the DMX signal is greatly interfered by other external signals, so in order to ensure the stable transmission of the signal, generally a signal amplifier should be added at about 40 to 50 meters, exceeding 32 Each decoder also needs to add a signal amplifier.


Q: How many decoders can be connected to DMX-X03?

A: DMX512 dimming can output up to 512 channels, if the decoder is connected to 3 channels, then 170 can be connected, if the decoder is connected to 4 channels, then 128 can be connected. DMX-X03 has two output channels, so RGB decoders can be connected up to 340, RGBW can be connected up to 256, and it is generally not recommended to be fully loaded.


Q: Can EUP150M-3W24V-0 combine 3 channels to connect a 150W monochrome light?

A: The three channels can be combined and used, and neither hardware nor software is used for modification.



Q: What is the current consumed by 0-10V signal? What is the longest distance from the master control to the first driver?

A: Each current consumption of our 0-10V signal is generally about 0.25mA; the longest distance from the main control to the driver depends on the wire diameter, generally recommended within 100 meters.


Q: What is the transmission distance of 0-10V signal?

A: It is related to the wire diameter, material, power signal current, and number of LED drivers of the signal line; if a 1.5m㎡ copper wire is connected to an Euchips’LED driver, the transmission distance is 500 meters, and the voltage drop does not exceed 0.1V.



Q: What is the minimum percentage of phase-cut driver that can be adjusted?

A: The minimum amount that can be adjusted depends on the minimum output voltage of the main control. The start-up voltage of our thyristor driver is at least about 20V, generally the lowest is 5%, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the lowest can be up to 1%.


Will there has sound when the phase-cut driver works?

There will be a little sound when the LED driver is working, which depends on the transformer on the product. The sound of our dimmable driver is very low.

Post time: Apr-17-2020
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