0-10V & DALI Dimming Demostration

Many customers asked: ‘I want to dim the lights, but I don’t know how to use the control systems or dimming systems, how to test thems?’

Luckily, let’s see how Euchips’ engineers deal with this problem.

This video covers several common wiring and dimming demonstrations of 0-10V & DALI dimming. It will take your 4 minutes.

0-10V Dimming

There are Multi-level current of 0-10V dimmable drivers with high efficiency & smooth dimming for you to choose.

They are mainly used for dimming of constant current spotlights, downlights, panel lights and other lights

DALI Dimming

Euchips’ DALI dimming series products include DALI dimmable drivers, DALI master controllers, DALI decoders, DALI panels and DALI bus power supply. The products are now widely used in hotels, restaurants, villas, hospitals, offices and other areas to fully realize digital dimming!

Post time: Jul-10-2020
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