7-50W Waterproof Constant Current LED Drivers from Euchips

Today, waterproof LED dimmable drivers have become the first choice for outdoor lighting at home and abroad. Friends who are familiar with Euchips may remember that we have released waterproof constant voltage dimmable drivers in the past, and today we are going to introduce to you the constant current waterproof dimmable drivers , including DALI, 0/1-10V, non-dimming series, the power range is 7-50W, the current range is 150-1400mA, the waterproof grade is IP66.

aterproof Constant Current LED Drivers

Let me tell you quietly: these waterproof dimmable drivers have contributed to the green development of urban rail transit and have been used in some domestic subway projects. The product is mature, the power is complete, welcome to buy.

1. High PF & Low THD

Waterproof& constant current LED dimmable drivers are equipped with high PF and low THD, which are stable and reliable, and effectively improve the utilization rate of electric energy. At the same time, the built-in no-load, short-circuit, overload, and lightning protection can effectively extend the service life of dimming equipment and lights, making it safer and more worry-free.

High PF & Low THD

2. Surge Protection

Due to the use environment of outdoor spaces, especially thunderstorms, the risk of lightning surges faced by LED lighting systems must be paid attention to. Euchips’ waterproof constant current LED dimmable drivers are equipped with surge protection, which effectively improves the safety and efficiency of the LED drivers for a long time in the outdoor work.

Surge Protection

3. Waterproof IP66

The waterproof grade is IP66. The waterproof drivers can be used in poorly ventilated and humid environments such as outdoors, tunnels, etc., with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Waterproof IP66

4. Applications

Waterproof constant current LED dimmable drivers, complete power, multiple current options, suitable for downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, floodlights and other indoor and outdoor lamps, widely used.


Post time: Dec-11-2020
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