EUCHIPS release – new members for waterproof dimming power supply

DALI/ 1-10v dimming waterproof power supply
Recently EUCHIPS released four new LED waterproofing and dimming power supply. 1-10v series: eup75a-1h12v-1wp, eup75a-1h24v-1wp and DALI series: eup75d-1h12v-0wp, eup75d-1h24v-0wp. These four waterproof LED dimming power supply are 75W output, respectively 12V constant pressure output and 24V constant pressure output. The following is a brief introduction to these four products.
One, 1-10V led Dimmer series
I. product characteristics:
The two dimming power supply products are single channel constant pressure 12/24v output, and the input voltage range is 200VAC- 240V AC. Support 1-10v dimming, active/passive dimming, smooth curve, no jitter. The power efficiency is as high as 88%, taking active protection and overvoltage protection. IP67, suitable for outdoor LED lamps. The characteristics of the two products are similar, except that the output voltage and current parameters are slightly different.
1. Euchips0/1-10v dimming power series, which adopts single-chip secondary architecture; Support the selection function of the adjustment curve to make the dimmer curve flawless; Easy setting of highlights; Support multiple analog signal dimming; Low end, no stroboscopic, etc.
2. DALI waterproof dimming series
I. product characteristics:
DALI series of two products, also single channel constant pressure 12/24v output, input voltage range of 200VAC- 240V AC. Follow the DALI protocol standard iec 62386 and support the Touch-DIM function. The power efficiency is up to 88%. When the signal is suspended, the output can be used as a power supply. Take active load protection, IP67.
EUCHIPSDALI power series products developed early and mature technology. After joining DALI association, it has all DALI agreements and all DALI power supply products are compatible with all DALI protocols and have strong compatibility. Newly released four product with earlier release of thyristor series waterproof light power is 75 w constant pressure adjustable light power supply, in order to meet customer demand, EUCHIPS waterproof dimming power supply product team in a growing! Please look forward to more quality dimming power supply!

Post time: Dec-28-2017
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