Euchips Released New Products: PUP Drivers

Congratulations! Euchips released new products PUP drivers which are perfect designed for USA market. Please hold your breath. Let’s view them.

Now, it is the age of the face, the level of beauty is everything. Looking at the appearance – fashionable, mini-sizable.

PUP Drivers

The dimension of PUP drivers 20W is 88*43*26.5mm(L*W*H).

The dimension of PUP drivers 20W is 131*44*26.5mm(L*W*H).

Multiple Current

The PUP drivers have several levels current. You can adjust the current easily by the Dip Switch.

PUP Drivers 20W: 350~700mA

PUP drivers 40W: 500~1200mA

Smooth dimming, Flicker-free

What’s more, the PUP drivers adopt MCU chips and the dimming effect of PUP drivers is smooth, flicker-free. The dimming depth is 0.1%~100%.

safety certification standard

The PUP drivers meet the safety certification standard. The UL & CE will be completed at the end of December 2019. Other certificates will be completed according to customers needs.


The PUP drivers are designed for indoor lighting, such as troffers, panels, downlights, spotlights, vapor lights, linear HB lights, etc.

The wiring diagram of 0-10V

The wiring diagram of 0-10V

The wiring diagram of DALI

The wiring diagram of DALI

Post time: Dec-06-2019
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