How to Perfectly Realize Dimming Effect in Lighting Projects?

In the lighting industry, we may be exposed to many dimming lighting projects. Have you ever thought about the following issues:
How are these dimming projects completed? What exactly needs to be done in the dimming project? How to wire the lamp and the driving power supply? How to choose the dimming control system?
How to Perfectly Realize Dimming Effect in Lighting Projects?
The general process of making dimming lighting projects:

1. Confirm the circuit: confirm the number of circuits according to the drawings and engineering quantities

2. Confirm the control method: According to the project requirements, the control system will confirm the dimming method

3. Group and scene: group the functional areas of each layer and divide scenes

4. Unified management plan: design and plan unified management and control plan

5. Cloud service: Humanized debugging and control through PC and mobile

Several steps of dimming project:

Project status: such as hotels, subways, restaurants, office buildings, landscape lighting, stadiums, museums, etc.

Design cooperation: such as strong and weak current design institutes, decoration companies, lighting companies, general contractors, etc.

Lamp control requirements: such as 0-10V, SCR, DALI, DMX, switch value.

Required drawings: plan, elevation, top plan, lamp point circuit diagram, strong current system configuration diagram.

Drawing deepening: control panel diagram, networking diagram, control system diagram, power distribution diagram.

On-site cooperation: the location of the control panel, the location of the distribution box, and how to wire.

System debugging: Debug the lighting control scene according to the owner’s requirements.

Completion acceptance: submit relevant drawings and technical clarification.

Post time: Jul-24-2020
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