Searching for Euchips, Looking for the ‘Dream Sky’

How many people dreamed when they were young, they wanted to reach out and touch the stars. All the distance and romance in the world seem to be concentrated in the night sky where the stars shine. The starry sky you see might look like this:

 Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 1


Or maybe like this:
Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 2


The starry sky is not a patent of the universe, and there is also a fantasy starry sky on the surface. Today, I will take you to take a look at the fantasy starry sky created by Euchips through dimming technology:

# Zhuhai Zhonghaixing Zhuyuan Sales Center #

Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 3
Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 4
Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 5

Zhuhai Zhonghaixing Zhuyuan Sales Center is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong, close to the old city of Xiangzhou, and across the river from Macau.

This fantasy starry sky lighting project mainly uses DMX series products: main control panel DMX-P08, PX0408 decoder and DMX103 signal amplifier.

Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 6
The space ceiling is composed of a large number of small mirror plates, combined with the DMX512 dimming technology to adjust and control the color of the LED lamps. Through the combination of acoustic and photoelectric, a dream starry sky landscape is created.

Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 7

In the layout design, the changing light of the light bar is used to present the space with different degrees of repetition and superposition, and the combination of different colors is transformed to make people experience a holographic color time tunnel.

Searching for Euchips, Looking for the  'Dream Sky' 8
The dream starry sky project uses DMX dimming and color grading, using bold and eye-catching tones, surreal scenes to give the post-90s and young people a vibrant journey about time and space, but also inverting tradition.

DMX-P08 main controller

DMX-P08 is a set of full-color LED DMX control system for controlling indoor and outdoor lighting. It can work in both online and independent modes. It contains a scene editing program, and various lighting effects can be edited through the program downloaded from the computer according to different needs. The control system realizes 256 levels of gray for each of R, G, and B, which can represent a total of 16.77 million colors, and truly displays full color.

PX0408 decoder

The PX0408 decoder uses advanced microcomputer control technology to convert DMX-512 / 1990, RDM / 2009 standard digital control signals widely used in the world into analog control signals. 1 ~ 4 output channels can be selected, each channel can achieve 256 control levels. It can be used for the connection between computer digital output dimming station and analog silicon box, and the control occasions of LED lamps used in construction and lighting.

DMX103 signal amplifier

DMX103 is dedicated to shaping and amplifying DMX512 digital lighting control signals. Each input and output interface adopts high-voltage isolation technology, which is suitable for shaping and amplifying processing after DMX512 signal is attenuated by long-distance transmission, as well as between each output interface, input interface and each distribution Use occasions that require complete electrical isolation between output interfaces. Because the interfaces are isolated from each other, it is possible to avoid burning the precise digital lighting console due to problems such as control lines, computer lights, silicon boxes, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the digital lighting console, and also to ensure that the DMX signal can be normally transmitted to Various lighting equipment to improve the reliability of the entire digital lighting control system.

Post time: Apr-10-2020
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