The Dimming Technology of LED Dimmable Driver

In our daily life, more and more people accept LED dimmable driver to meet their personalized requirements. So how can LED dimmable driver dim the light? Let me introduce it briefly.

With the rapid development of LED dimmable driver, dimming technology of LED dimmable driver has evolved considerably over the last decades. The adjustment of light levels over a linear or continuous range is appropriate for areas like lecture halls, meeting rooms, classrooms and even open-office areas, in addition to restaurants and entertainment locations.

The dimming function of LED dimmable driver is typically quantified using percentages, such as 10% dimming, which can be applied to lamp voltage, lamp power, measured lumen output, or perceived lumen output. Dimming usually refers to the reduction in measured lumen output. Therefore, a 500-lumen light source in a 10% dimmer system would produce 50 lumens. Perceived lumen output is an important parameter because the human eye overcompensates for diminished light. The opening of the pupil allows more light to enter, causing the lighting level to seem higher than normal. Light in a 25% dimmed system appears to be about 50% of its original level. A 10% dimmed system appears more than three times as bright. And when the light level is reduced to only 1%, it appears to be about 10%. This characteristic should considered when planning a dimming system.


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Post time: Dec-20-2019
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