Ultra-thin & Ultra-small DC-DC Drivers

With the arrival of the minimalist design trend, magnetic lamps have become an important element of indoor lighting design. As a supplier of LED dimmable drivers and control systems and smart lighting solution service provider, Euchips actively responded to market demand and independently develops and produced Direct Current Electronic Drivers for Track Adapters.

It is very honor to release the Direct Current Electronic Drivers 14W and 28W, the ultra-thin and ultra-small design, built-in multiple protections, long life, and no noise in the whole dimming process. The input voltage is 48VDC, and output current can be easily adjusted by DIP switch.

Ultra-thin & Ultra-small DC-DC Drivers

1. Three dimming methods can be selected

DALI, 0/1-10V, and non-dimming.

①. DALI DC-DC Drivers: PWM+CCR dimming, smooth curve, no flicker, creating a healthy light environment

②. 0/1-10V DC-DC Drivers: support 3-in-1 dimming

③. Non-dimming DC-DC Drivers: stable output and high efficiency

Three dimming methods can be selected of DC-DC Drivers

2. Suitable for STUCCHI standard casing

The DC-DC Drivers are suitable for STUCCHI standard casing. The driver only needs to be installed in the magnetic lamp track box and integrated with the lamp. It is adsorbed on the guide rail by magnetic force. The installation is simple and easy to operate!

Suitable for STUCCHI of DC-DC Drivers

3. Input support hot plug, flexible application

48V low voltage, it is very safe. The input supports hot plug, and the angle of the light can be adjusted arbitrarily in the magnetic track.

Input support hot plug of DC-DC Drivers

4. Multiple protections & no noise

①. Built-in multiple protections can effectively avoid damage to equipment components, extend the service life of dimming equipment and lamps, and it is safer and more stable to use!

②. The DC-DC drivers have built-in high-performance MCUs, built-in programs, and no noise throughout the process, which solves the noise problem encountered by most manufacturers in the market.

Multiple protections of DC-DC Drivers

5. Compact size

Magnetic lights are different from ordinary track lights. The track of magnetic lights is much narrower than that of traditional track lights, so Euchips’ DC-DC drivers adopt ultra-thin and ultra-small design, which can be easily installed in various narrow space.

dCompact size of DC-DC Drivers

6. Technical Parameters

A list of simple technical parameters for your reference.

Technical Parameters of DC-DC Drivers

Post time: Jul-01-2021
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