What Factors Affect the Lifetime of LED Dimmable Driver?

When LED dimmable driver is designed, the designer should consider the lifetime. What factors affect the lifetime of LED dimmable driver? And How to find some solutions? Only then we can use safely use LED dimmable driver and avoid the damage to the equipments by wrong operation.

LED dimmable driver uses emeralds electrolytic capacitors which directly determines the lifetime of LED dimmable driver. The capacitor interior is predominantly electrolyte. When the seal of capacitor encounters air leak, the electrolyte will flow out with the rapid temperature. For example, when the temperature increases every 10 , the speed of liquid will more rapidly trebled. For example, when at high temperature 100 , the lifetime of electrolytic capacitors is about 10,000 hours. If at 90 , the lifetime of electrolytic capacitors will be 20,000 hours. If at 80 , the lifetime will be 40,000 hours. However, the working temperature of LED dimmable driver is usually about 40 , the temperature of capacitor will be about 80℃, so the lifetime of LED dimmable driver will be 40,000 hours. If the working time is 12 hours every day, the led dimmable driver will be used for 15 years.

If you want to extend the lifetime of LED dimmable driver, you must choose the good quality of electrolyte capacitors.

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Post time: May-30-2020
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